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Lore and Lotus

Selenite Moon Candle Holder

Selenite Moon Candle Holder

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A delicate, moon shaped Selenite tea light candle holder.

The perfect addition to any collector's ritual altar or bedside. We love the idea of burning tea light candles here, but it also makes a darling little succulent pot, depending on what type of 'witch' vibe you have. 

Selenite is an amazing crystal that channels the same feminine energy as it's namesake, Selene, the Moon. Selenite also especially useful for collectors as its natural energies are extremely cleansing, and can clear other crystal of negative energies, much like a full moon bath is said to cleanse crystals. 


  • Genuine carved Selenite
  • Holds 1 standard tealight 
  • Price is for one (1) candle holder 
  • Other crystal(s) and tealight candles not included  


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