Meet Jackie

Meet Jackie, artist, designer, and the Founder of Lore and Lotus. Jackie is a self-proclaimed third-culture kid - a Dutch American - who grew up in St. Martin/St. Maarten, “the friendly island”, in the Caribbean. Probably due to her unusual upbringing, she deeply loves the sea, the color blue, and good vibes. As an artist, designer, and curator who loves to travel and collect beautiful things, Lore and Lotus was inevitable.

“I’ve dreamt of owning a store since I was 15. Back then it was inspired by nature, the sea, and especially advocating for handmade - as an artist, that was always the focus. But I've since added environmental and social impacts to those goals, too." - Jackie

Lore and Lotus

From a teenager's love of shopping global artifacts, further inspired by the eclectic shops in the "melting pot" known as St. Martin, including her own families’ businesses, Lore and Lotus was born.

With age came a more conscious lifestyle, and a desire to support those who work to make the beautiful things that decorate our lives. With that in mind, Lore and Lotus is consciously curated from sustainable / ethical sources, so everyone benefits, from the artisans to our customers.

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  • Floral Statement

    Stylish, elegant statement makers, Jackie loves these orichid studs. She wears them to every brunch, birthday and dinner date.

    Penelope Orchid Studs 
  • Adjustable Ring

    Find a ring size for 8-9 and up is hard, but the beauty of this ring is that it is fully adjustable. Founder Jackie loves layering it with her own bands.

    Quinn Adjustable Ring 
  • Everyday Piece

    Obsessed is too soft a word, these pretty pearl studs are the perfect mermaid-lovers staple, and Founder Jackie wears them nearly every day for calls, running errands, and casual meetups.

    Rory Pearl Stud Earrings 
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