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Our Philosophy.

our homes Are a REFLECTION of our soul, and purpose. Each Piece tells a story and carries enriching history. We work directly with artisans who share our same goal; creating a better future for all. 

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Our Mission

Lore and Lotus seeks to curate sustainable global artifacts made from the hands of artisans. We support and educate on the significance of the tradition/craft, while supporting the environment and earth with sustainable practices. 

Our Story



Our Lore

From the hands of our artisans to your heart and home, Lore and Lotus curates an artisanal collection of handmade jewelry, home decor, and global artifacts. Every piece has a story and makes an incredible journey to decorate your life in fantasy and magic. Ethical and Sustainable is our way of life, our products are sourced with this in mind whenever possible, because we believe in happy endings.


Our Beliefs

Your possessions should reflect your beauty and empower their creators.
Quality of goods is parallel to the quality of life for our artisans.
Sustainability is always in style.

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Why Shop Sustainable?

The Earth is our home. Let’s take care of it.

We believe in loving more and harming less. Quality is our priority. Highlighting slow-fashion and curating small-batch products, is one way we can impact our community. We have the ability to Reuse and Recycle. If our artisans can do it, so can you.

One small change everyday can save our world.

Our Sustainability Standards

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