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Penelope Orchid Stud Earrings - Back in Stock

Penelope Orchid Stud Earrings - Back in Stock

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A truly statement piece, these breath-taking over-sized orchid blooms of the Penelope earrings are sure to catch admiring eyes. Incredibly detailed and lovingly furled, the orchid design delicate and desirable.

Delicate, exotic and graceful Orchids symbolize love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility, fertility and sexuality. While orchids represent luck, natural beauty and love in general, the art and practice of Feng Shui uses the orchid to enhance family/fertility luck. Either way, exotic orchids remain a sign of luxury and refined taste. 

On the opposite side of the scale, in Greek mythology, Penelope, queen of Ithaca, was known for faithfulness, and fidelity to her husband Odysseus, despite the attention of more than a hundred suitors during his absence in Homer's Odyssey.


  • Handmade in India
  • Slow Fashion, and Small Batch 
  • Sterling silver with 18K gold overlay (aka rolled gold or gold filled - has the same luster and lasts as long as the real thing)
  • Dimensions: Approx: 1" inch 


Collections by Joya is a woman-owned, woman-made jewelry brand "created by women, for women". They are dedicated to giving back to women's causes around the world, which is why most of their jewelry is made by hand in India by a family of skilled artisans, especially women, who follow strict ethical standards.

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