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Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Turquoise & Tigereye Gemstone (ONLY 1 LEFT)

Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Turquoise & Tigereye Gemstone (ONLY 1 LEFT)

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Handmade in Cambodia from recycled bullet casings, this statement piece really makes a statement in refinery, and ethnic elegance. 

Delicate and intricate, these pendants are cast with 4 gleaming semi-precious stones.

Pendant measures 1.5in W x 2in H (clasp). 



This pendant in encrusted with 3 delicate turquoise stones. As the Talisman of Kings, shamans, and noble warriors of long past, Turquoise is famously regarded as the oldest known stone. A renowned protection, wisdom and healing stone in Native American, pre-A.D. Egyptians, and many other cultures, turquoise has been considered one of the most valued of gemstones. The unique blue-green symbolizes the color of seas surrounding lush tropical islands, and all other things in the same tranquil shade.



Mesmerizing Tiger's Eye is the center stone in this pendant. Energizing and motivating, TigerEye portrays courage, and vitality.  

Sun and Earth, warm and radiant, TigerEye is a stone of balance, and a prosperous money/fortune stone due to its motivation, "make things happen" energy. Ideal for entrepreneurs, who like the magical tiger, king of beasts, leap into the unknown.



Product of Cambodia 

Handmade by the Hamsa Foundation in Siem Reap. 

*Chain: 20" length brass chain. Please allow 2-4 days from date of order for shipment, as your chain is made to order.

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