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Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Malachite & White Agate Gemstone

Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Malachite & White Agate Gemstone

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If you’re a frolicking forest nymph, who thrives in the verdant woods, this handmade pendant with luscious deep green malachite and earthy White Agate is for you.

Delicate and intricate, these pendants are cast with 4 gleaming semi-precious stones in a recycled brass bullet setting. Verdant /gg

green malachite gems, with a white agate center.

Pendant measures 1.5in W x 2in H (clasp). 



Luscious and verdant malachite, connects us to nature in full bloom. As a green gem, malachite symbolizes personal growth and abundance, sustainability and all-around good vibes. Know as the transformation stone, it personifies nature's healing green, assisting in spiritual growth, and healing physical and emotional situations. "Turn over a new leaf", has a literal sense for the wearer of transformative malachite. 


Agate is a versatile, and stabilizing stone, formed from bands of microscopic quartz crystals. A form of Chalcedony, Agate possesses a gentle nature, of balance and harmonizing. It is considered a very grounding as well as spiritual stone, allowing one to improve clarity and mental functions as well as overcome negative emotions, which makes it a wonderful addition to the verdant and transformative nature of Malachite.  



Product of Cambodia - Handmade by the Hamsa Foundation in Siem Reap, Cambodia from recycled bullet casings. The Hamsa Foundation uses the profit from these handicrafts to support local student’s educations.

*Chain: 20" length brass chain. Please allow 2-4 days from date of order for shipment, as your chain is made to order.

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