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Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Garnet & Amethyst Gemstone

Recycled Brass Bejeweled Statement Pendant - Garnet & Amethyst Gemstone

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If you’re an ethereal bohemian soul, dancing through life with an urge to sustain your spirit with energizing and healing energies, this handmade pendant with lustrous deep garnet and dreamy Amethyst is for you.

Delicate and intricate, these pendants are cast with 4 gleaming semi-precious stones in a recycled brass bullet setting. Delicate Asian garnet gems, with a clear Amethyst center.

Pendant measures 1.5in W x 2in H (clasp). 


Lustrous red garnet connects us to the present moment and increases vital energy reserves. With its ability to enhance the laws of attraction, garnet is symbolized by relationships and love. Legends and folklore show garnet to be among the most ancient of talismans, for protective energies and grounding. It is a stone of sensuality and feeling. Due to its resemblance to the seeds of pomegranate, the name garnet was derived from ancient times from the Latin word for the fruit, "Granatum". 


Centered with an Amethyst stone, the birthday stone of February, this pendant catches the light. Amethyst is the perfect pair with Apatite, as it is the sobriety stone, which brings the wearer Clear-mindedness and Calm. Wisdom is also frequently associated with this gem, “All-healer” promotes heightened intuition, a healthy contrast to energizing Garnet's vitality.  

Along with the stone, the color purple also come to be known for nobility and royalty. 



Product of Cambodia - Handmade by the Hamsa Foundation in Siem Reap, Cambodia from recycled bullet casings. The Hamsa Foundation uses the profit from these handicrafts to support local student’s educations.

*Chain: 20" length brass chain. Please allow 2-4 days from date of order for shipment, as your chain is made to order.

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