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Mini Crystal Pack - Dreamer

Mini Crystal Pack - Dreamer

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đź”®For the dreamer who finds wonder in the everyday...

Awaken the dreamer within and unlock your full creative potential with the enchanting Chevron Amethyst and Xiuyan Jade crystals. Chevron Amethyst, with its fusion of Amethyst and White Quartz, enhances intuition and amplifies visionary abilities, empowering dreamers to tap into their inner wisdom and manifest their aspirations into reality. Xiuyan Jade, known as the "Dream Stone," brings tranquility and serenity, guiding dreamers through a realm of imaginative exploration and promoting inner peace.

By embracing the mystical energies of these crystals, you can embark on a transformative journey, igniting your imagination and embracing your inner visionary. Let Chevron Amethyst and Xiuyan Jade be your companions on the path to fulfilling your wildest dreams and bringing magic into your waking hours. đź”®

Box set includes 2 crystals, Amethyst & Xiuyan Jade: 

  • Chevron Amethyst: assists in meditation, peaceful transformation, and accessing higher wisdom for guidance
  • Xiuyan Jade: supports dream insight, clearing path to achieve greatest desires

These crystals have been curated to bring out the best and brightest qualities in any free spirit! Dream a beautiful reality! 

These stones can be carried in a purse, pocket, or bag, as well as be placed in personal and work spaces to provide effective bursts of energy whenever needed. The small size of these packs make them the perfect gift to give for many occasions.


  • 100% plastic-free and recyclable packaging 
  • 2 genuine crystals 
    • 1 Chevron Amethyst- raw
    • 1 Xiuyan Jade - polished
  • Each crystal is one of a kind

Care instructions: Keep box out of water or damp conditions. To clean: use a damp cloth and gently wipe each stone, do not submerge in water (some crystal types are water soluble, or easily damaged with water, scrubs, etc.), do not use vinegar, household cleaners, or other acidic/rough cleansers. 


    • Crystal size: approx. 75”-1” inches 
    • Box size: approx. 2.5”l x 2.5”w x 1.25” tall, inches
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