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Le Chic

Mermaid Hoop Earrings

Mermaid Hoop Earrings

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🧜‍♀️ Embrace your inner mermaid with Mermaid Hoop Earrings, that delightfully capture the essence of the mythical sea-dwellers and their captivating allure.

Handcrafted in the USA with sustainable Baltic birch wood. Each one is a hand-painted work of art, perfectly capturing the ethereal beauty of mermaids via their iridescent green tail and bright coral hair.

🌊Whether you're strolling along sandy shores or dancing under moonlit waves, let these mystical hoops transport you to a world of wonder and fantasy. 🧜‍♀️✨

A magical gift for those who believe in the fairytales and the allure of the deep blue! 💙

These earrings are laser-cut Baltic basswood, then hand painted with acrylic and sealed with a polyurethane topcoat so they will last for years to come.

All the studs are hypoallergenic, nickel free alloy, suitable for sensitive ears.


  • Handpainted (made in USA)
  • Material: sustainably sourced, high-quality Baltic wood
  • Ear-hoops: Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, 24k gold-plated
  • Approx. size: 2 3/4 " in length, lightweight and comfortable

Care Instructions:
Gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth to maintain their vibrant appearance.


Le Chic is a collection of unique, vibrant and playful hand-painted laser cut sustainably sourced wooden earrings. They create earrings that not only look beautiful but express your personality, your mood, and your outlook on life. Each pair is crafted with love and care, in Antonio, TX.

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