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Hailey Gerrits Designs

Sedona Earrings

Sedona Earrings

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Encapsulating an understated glamour for everyday wear, Hailey Gerrits Designs are also objects d’art, infused with centuries-old legacies and an influence of primitivism.

For a modern classic circular design, try these beautifully handmade Sedona earrings in Prehnite & Citrine or Labradorite & Rose Quartz hand-cut gemstones set in 14K gold vermeil over recycled jeweler's brass. 

  • Length: 1” 
  • 4K gold vermeil over recycled brass


Sunny Citrine is a stone of Success. As “The Success Stone” Citrine possess vibrant energy. In ancient times it was kept by merchants and bankers in the cash box and hailed the “merchants stone” for its innate ability to increase cash flow. As a stone of abundance and prosperity, energizing Citrine is still used today for manifestation, fresh beginnings, new pursuits and increasing personal will. With the power of the sun, golden Citrine is positive, lively and invigorating. As an added bonus, Citrine is one of the only crystals that never needs to be cleared or cleansed.

It is also the birthstone of the November born.


A lesser known stone, Prehnite is no less impressive for it’s healing abilities. Characterized by its pale, pastel (nearly clear) green shade, Prehnite is a gentle, nurturing stone, supporting health, and bringing peace and protection. Often used for healing and increasing sanctuary and harmony with nature, the stone is also known as a Stone of Prophecy, aiding in divination and spiritual knowing.


Rose Quartz is well-known for its innate ability to increase love. According to ancient Greek mythology, Eros, God of Love, (known to the Romans as Cupid), gave Love to humans in the form of Rose Quartz. As symbol of love, this stone of the heart, is often used in love rituals and ceremonies to increase the capacity for compassion and peace and unconditional love. Nowadays, Rose Quartz is most predominately used to increase self-love and lower self-doubt. Directly linked to the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz opens the heart and soothes emotions.


Well-known and well-loved iridescent Labradorite is a is a stone of magic and curiosity, deeply connected to the universe and the third-eye chakra, linking us to the spirit world. A stone of deeply mystical lore and ancient legends, the Labradorite meaning can be traced back to the native Inuit people of icy Canada. Inuit’s believed luminescent, shimmering Labradorite was a product of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), a frozen fire that fell to earth. Something mythical and magical. As a Stone of Magic, Labradorite bridges the gap between the heavens and physical realms awakening one's inner spirit, intuition and aura.


Handmade in small batches in Vancouver, British Columbia 

All materials are ethically sourced.

Hailey Gerrits Designs jewelry is handmade in Canada with beautiful attention to detail and ethically sourced materials and stones. The Spring 2019 collection is stunning, dainty and just the right amount of influence of primitivism, in a modern tribal aesthetic. Gerrits infuses her modern designs with centuries-old legacies, calling forth some of the finest traditions in art and beauty. In aged brass and bold design, she finds the ability to bring classic style with modern sensibility to her customers. Not only is each piece handmade, but construction with unique gems and aged metals imbues each piece with an image of the past and all of its romance—fully embodying the notion of ‘one of a kind’. Each piece fuses the earthly character of the metals and gems with a historical materialist transcendence and refined artistic ability. Perfect for everyday wear, but are also objects d’art, pieces of statement and desirability. 

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