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Claudia Earrings - New

Claudia Earrings - New

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Fun-seeking Claudia earrings are unique, social and fabulous! Claudia is one who is funny and beautiful in a unique way and seems super confident, as shown by the large scale of these statement piece sparkling with violet-blue Blue Iolite hoops on pearl studs. The combination of Iolite and pearl makes for a wise, sincere, journey-seeking person. 

Blue Iolite

Shimmering between blue and violet (where it gets its name from ancient Greek), Iolite is the Viking Compass, a sun-seeking journey stone used for millennia by sailors and Vikings to find their way on cloudy days. In addition to its spirit of journey & illumination, Iolite stimulates memory, intuition and is a varied healing stone for insomnia, nerves and more.


The soothing, smooth pearl, the “stone of sincerity”, are symbolic of purity, faith, and innocence. They are deeply connected to the tides, the energy of sea and moon, and have been used for centuries as a healing stone. They are distinctly feminine gems, the tears of Aphrodite and champions of beauty, integrity, and good fortune.  


  • Handmade in India
  • Slow Fashion, and Small Batch 
  • Brass with 18k micron gold overlay (aka rolled gold)
  • Dimensions: Approx: 1 5/8 in length


Collections by Joya is a woman-owned, woman-made jewelry brand "created by women, for women". They are dedicated to giving back to women's causes around the world, and most of their jewelry is handmade in India by a family of skilled artisans, including women, who follow strict ethical standards.

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