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Capiz Shell Vase - Aqua

Capiz Shell Vase - Aqua

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Discover the captivating beauty and artistry of Philippine's Capiz shell handicrafts, unique pieces made from the abundant seashells uniquely found in the waters of the Capiz, one of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines. Renowned for the unique Placuna placenta oyster shell, and the pearlescent lining of this marine mollusk, Capiz is the heart of the countries' artisanal shell-art heritage. Capiz Shells are hand-picked from the sea's depths, then these dainty, translucent shells are meticulously cleansed and molded into intricate shapes, and adorned with stunning designs and colors, like these adorable little Capiz Shell Vases.

In the past, these shells were once used to make windows, and are known as “windowpane oyster.”

Not only are these designs sustainable, utilizing the abundant resource of natural Capiz shells found in the surrounding waters, but they also uplift the lives of families across the islands, providing food and job opportunities that resonate from start to finish.


  • Handmade in Philippines
  • Natural Capiz Shell


Philippine artisans draw inspiration from their diverse landscapes and storied history to craft exceptional pieces that celebrate their lively culture. Bring home a piece of the enchanting Philippines, composed of over 7,000 islands, with these meticulously handmade shell treasures.


Approx. Size:  " x " x " inches   

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