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Brazilian Green Geode

Brazilian Green Geode

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A charming little green Geode, originally mined in Brazil. Geodes are a rare round rock with a hollow cavity inside, usually lined with crystals. Rocks that are completely filled with crystal formations are called nodules. The only difference between a geode and a nodule is the hollow cavity.

Geodes are excellent for use in your home decor to bring in that eclectic natural element. Some possible ways to display a cute chunk of Geode: as a paperweight, bookend, or on its own as a bespoke piece to showcase its natural beauty.  


This geode was mined and cut in Brazil. 


  • Approx Height: 3-1/4" inches
  • Approx Width: 3-1/4" inches
  • Approx Dimension: 2" inches 
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