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Lore and Lotus

Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Tea Pot - Large

Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Tea Pot - Large

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One-of-a-kind example of hand-painted artisan pottery, this lovingly hand-painted Tea Pot from the Philippines showcases assorted, happy villagers playing music, dancing in the fields, and catching butterflies among a flower garden. The addition of metal filigree in lotus on the lid, and other cultural ornamentation, adds a rare touch of magic to the piece. 

Serve tea like the posh 1700's Europeans, or set it on a shelf among good company for a curated vignette.

 History of Chinoiserie

Traditional and wildly popular since the 1700's, Chinoiserie, or the replicated appearance of Chinese art forms, namely the renowned porcelain blue and white ceramics, have made a statement in households for centuries, though its roots go much farther back than that in the Chinese art forms.


This particular tea pot was made and hand-painted in the Philippines, where blue and white ceramics are as far flung and extremely popular as their Chinese counterparts. 


  • Market Find
  • Hand-painted with a cobalt blue-and-white villagers motif
  • Variations in hand-craftsmanship make this Tea Pot unique
  • No mark, sticker reads "Made in the Philippines" 


  • Approx. Height: 6" inches
  • Approx. Length (including handle & spout): 9.5" inches
  • Approx. Diameter: 6" inches

Due to the hand-painted nature of this item, slight variations occur and are part of what make handmade so special.

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