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Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Rose Serving Dish

Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Rose Serving Dish

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A beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-painted blue Rose serving dish, with a kind of rare, very deep cobalt blue. It's sure to stand out in any home setting.

Since antiquity, Roses have had the most well-known meaning among flowers: Roses are known as the symbol of love, passion, harmony and friendship. Blue roses, however, are not a natural occurrence, but it has become more dominate in modern society; roses dyed blue. This is likely because it was inspired by a distant Chinese fairy tale, about a Blue Rose in exchange for the marriage of a distant Chinese Emperor's daughter. Ever since, the blue rose has symbolized both unattainability (as it was unable to be procured) and a mysterious romanticism, as that story was a love story, where the princess inevitably did fall in love. We love a happy ending... 

If you're anything like us, there's always a spot on your shelf for another pretty blue and white ceramic. 

 History of Chinoiserie

Traditional and wildly popular since the 1700's, Chinoiserie, or the replicated appearance of Chinese art forms, namely the renowned porcelain blue and white ceramics, have made a statement in households for centuries, though its roots go much farther back than that in the Chinese art forms.


  • Market Find
  • Hand-painted with a rare, dark blue and white rose motif
  • Variations in hand-craftsmanship make this dish unique
  • Blue Mark, translation unknown


  • Approx. Height (including lid): 5" inches
  • Approx. Width (including handles): 9" inches
  • Approx. Diameter: 4-3/4" inches 

Due to the hand-painted nature of this item, slight variations occur and are part of what make handmade so special.

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