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Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Trinket Box / Jar - Love Birds

Blue & White Chinoiserie Handpainted Trinket Box / Jar - Love Birds

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A darling porcelain Trinket Box with two darling hand-painted Love Birds on its lid. 

In most Asian cultures, and China specifically, bird symbols mean freedom and happiness, because they are "free to roam the earth and the sky", as well as sometimes swim (depending on species). Birds also symbolize good luck and abundance, and many cultures believe Birds are the link between heaven and Earth, and are therefore representative of eternal life. In Feng Shui - the art of  Chinese geomancy, which uses energy to harmonize individuals with their homes - the symbol of birds means new opportunities arising, even in times of adversity.

Two Birds, like these sweet dancing paradise birds, symbolize Love and Commitment.

This little trinket box is the perfect little stash for storing your precious trinkets. Set it on a dresser, shelf or vanity to store valuables, jewelry, or coins. 

History of Chinoiserie

Traditional and wildly popular since the 1700's, Chinoiserie, or the replicated appearance of Chinese art forms, namely the renowned porcelain blue and white ceramics, have made a statement in households for centuries, though its roots go much farther back than that in the Chinese art forms.


This particular little dish was hand-painted, and made in China. 


  • Market Find
  • Porcelain 
  • Hand-painted with a cobalt blue-and-white dancing birds motif
  • Variations in hand-craftsmanship make this trinket box unique
  • Blue mark, reads: "Made in China'"


  • Approx. Height/Depth (including lid): 1-3/4" inches
  • Approx. Length: 5.5" inches
  • Approx. Width: 4" inches

Due to the hand-painted nature of this item, slight variations occur and are part of what make handmade so special.

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