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Mini Amazonite Crystal

Mini Amazonite Crystal

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Earthy, lusciously blue-green Amazonite offer a serenity similar to the ocean their color so closely resembles. Sometimes called "Amazon Jade" or "Amazon Stone", or "Gambler's Stone", these pretty aqua stones are a soothing, calming and balancing. Amazonite effortlessly balances masculine/ feminine energies, giving perspective and rational understanding. Highly attuned to the heart chakra, Amazonite clarifies one's emotions and needs. 

Like it nickname-sake, Jade, Amazonite is connected with money, good luck, fortune, and overall success. 


  • These Minis are mined in Brazil
  • Size varies, from the size of a quarter to the largest being 1.3" inches
  • Price is for one (1) piece of Amazonite each 
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