The Symbolism Behind Lore & Lotus

You may have wondered, what's the symbolism behind the name, logo and brand?

I've actually been asked this a few times, so I thought I'd write it out here for some of you to discover. :)

Do you know the symbolism of our Lore and Lotus logo, the Crescent Moon and Blooming Lotus?

The crescent moon is an ancient symbol of new beginnings, imminent change, and a known symbol of mythological elements (a form of paganism, woman power and fables).

The Lotus is a renowned symbol of rebirth, revitalization, perseverance, and entering new chapters. The lotus is revered for its ability to be reborn and grow each day anew from the dark water where it lives, untouched and pure. In Buddhism the Blue Lotus (of which our logo is based) is a symbol of knowledge, integrity and intelligence, and is depicted as never fully bloomed as the enlightenment is never fully reached. In this case, it represents the growing awareness of the world's environmental and economic conditions, in the hope for a better future.

And, as an added bonus, Lotus is also one of my favorite flowers.

Lore, is the folklore, legends and myths of a culture. It's the collective of a people's stories, shared orally or written with the next generation, and is ever-evolving in the modern world. Folklore was often depicted and transferred on by artisans into home wares and jewelry, our specialties. It is symbolic of the crescent moon in the our logo.

Combined, the symbolism represents our desire to nurture change in our society through sustainable and ethical practices, while maintaining, advancing and protecting the traditional stories and art of a culture. It's the new beginnings for a sustainable, fair trade, eco-friendly and ethical business built on the amazing talent of real traditional artisans while preserving their way of live in a modern, livable way.

The logo was hand drawn by me, Jackie, the Founder, and illustrated by me personally. On the surface, it may appear a bit cliché to my industry, but it is wholly mine, and it represents all of my goals for our brand and the future of our world and artisans.


The meaning of lore has stayed the same over the last two centuries; as cultural knowledge, legend and traditions of a particular community, passed along by word of mouth, coming from Old English ‘lār’ (instruction),  and with Germanic / Dutch cognates ‘leer’ (to learn). Lore today is most commonly known as ‘Folklore’, the acquired knowledge or traditional beliefs, including oral traditions such as tales, proverbs, mythology, and history, which encompasses the traditions common to that culture.

What is so magical about Lore is that it continues to be created. Urban legends, folklore, fables and cultural traditions are continually being created in contemporary life – it’s just adapting to the modern world we live in, via digital sources like website and Instagram (a very popular storytelling system) and more traditional methods as well. There is no end to the development of Lore in our society, which makes it so special.


In the most famous and simplified of terms, “no mud, no lotus.” Despite all odds, Lotus insists on growing through the mud, rising and sinking again every day. Like the sunrise in the morning, a Lotus unfolds exquisite beauty from the darkest of depths, making the very best of a muddy situation. It's a symbol of perseverance, serenity, rebirth and calm. Lotus grows where it is planted, and it thrives.

Different colors of Lotus are known to symbolize different aspects of spirituality, but Lore and Lotus is most strongly influenced by the symbolism of the Blue Lotus – hence our logo - from Buddhism teachings. Blue Lotus symbolizes power over the mind, spiritual illumination, and enlightenment. Common depictions of the Blue Lotus show it never fully exposed, as wisdom has yet to be fully gained. For us, this means choosing lifestyle and products that celebrate quality over quantity, made with deep meaning and intention.

Crescent Moon

The moon, in all its glory, is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time, eternity and enlightenment. Specifically, the crescent or new Moon's elegant lines symbolize new beginnings, and making dream's into reality. At it's core, crescent moons' symbolism is rooted in growth and creativity. It's about the ability to start a new chapter in one's life and to grow in a creative space, making it the perfect addition to our logo and company culture.


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