October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Hello October! Fall has come! 

October’s Birthstone is

Opal & Tourmaline – “The Rainbow Stone(s)”

Bring Times of Change

Opal & Tourmaline both have the unique properties to show a spectrum of colors in one gem. Tourmaline can be solid, or a literal rainbow of color; from green, pink and gold, to red and yellow. Opal is a conflagration of colored flecks, a riot of color, and the name is derived from Greek, the ancient term Opallus, meaning "to see a change (of color)." Both of October’s colorful stones symbolize peace and hope. Both stones are a symbol for meditated change, as in the turning of the seasons.


Opal has been adored for centuries, for its unique mesmerizing, riot of color auras, and has been revered as an ancient stone of prophecy, peace, and protection. Ancient Romans and Greeks alike worshiped this precious stone as an aid and healer of the sight and eyes, and for great luck. Opal is an excellent stone for calm , easing stress, and enhancing optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. In addition to it's healing and well being functions, it was a stone of peace and protection, and Ancient rulers wore crowns encrusted with Opals to protect against evil spirits. Opal was also known for its ability to intensify what one is feeling and to release inhibitions, so became associated with love and passion as well. There was a brief period in history where opals were considered 'bad luck' but that passed rather quickly once jewelers learned to properly cut the stone and it was warmly embraced one again. 

It is also the gift given for a 14th wedding anniversary


Tourmaline is relatively new stone, only discovered as early as the late 1600's or early 1700's, off the West Coast of Italy.  As such, tourmaline lacks the lore and history of Opal, though it is quite powerful, and considered the Peace Stone, believed to keep the wearer calm and tranquil and enhance creativity. It was so newly discovered however, that historically, many forms of pink or red tourmaline were mistaken for rubies across the globe. However, Tourmaline is a very durable and varied stone, which has multiple meanings and associations over its lifetime. It was considered in one century to aid creativity and artisans in one continent, and to heal fevers in another. It was considered an insight stone in India, and an "illusion breaker" in Africa. Ancient alchemists believed tourmaline to be related to the philosopher’s stone, a legendary and long sought-after 'alchemical substance capable of turning base metals such as mercury into gold or silver'. Today many native tribes of Africa, Native America, and Australia use the stone to protect against all danger. Tourmaline is also a highly restorative, reconciliation and mediation stone.

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