November Birthstone – Citrine & Topaz

Hello November!

November Birthstones are

Citrine & Topaz - The "Success Stone(s)"

BRING Success & Prosperity

Confused throughout history - for their interchangeable golden hues - Citrine and Golden Topaz possessed the same powers, including the abilities to manifest abundance, prosperity, success and personal power. As such, Citrine has many properties in common with Topaz, which was the original November birthstone. Historically, Citrine (and often it's counterpart, Topaz) were considered a “Merchant Stone”, used to promote success in business. These gemstones were often found hidden on a merchant's person, or stashed in their cashbox, purse or storage. Luckily, with this air of success, both stones are great for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners to 'increase cash flow'.  Both stones also combat and clear negative energies from the environment, (another convenient quality for small business owners), but sunny citrine is one of the only stones that never requires ‘cleansing’, as it is one of a few 'self-cleansing' energies. Shining like the golden twilight, both Citrine and Topaz stones emit a warm sunshiny energy that promotes joy, optimism and attracts abundance, but Topaz’s natural energy, long believed to be harnessed directly from the sun, transcends these qualities. In healing folklore, Citrine and Topaz are both extremely helpful for directing creative energy into the physical body, which aids in thinking more clearly.

To better utilize the ‘sun’ powers of these gemstones, ancient Egyptians carried them as talismans to ward off evil spirits. Ancient Greeks and Roman priests wore carved citrine intaglios in rings. Deeming Topaz sacred, ancient Hindus wore topaz pendants to promote wisdom and longevity. African shamans used the sacred sun stone in healing rituals. In the time of the Renaissance, Europeans believed that topaz could break a witch’s spells, cure madness and eradicate nightmares.

As a November girl who wants to run her own business, there is no better stone then genuine, natural Citrine (a talisman of Topaz wouldn't hurt either), to promote success and prosperity. Plus the fact that Citrine never needs to be energy 'cleansed' is a great asset, and you can leave it on your desk forever dispersing the negativity that may surround you, and promoting the capability and skills need to run a successful business.

One thing to be wary of, however, is that most Citrine on the market is made from man-made heat-treated amethyst, whose colors changes from purple to golden brown tips. Natural citrine is produced similarly, but naturally in the earth's surface, and is more costly. Man-made citrine has a slightly different color than true yellow-gold Citrine.



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