Note From Our Founder

I built my businesses because I love handmade! In the beginning, I found incredible handmade items, but I found it was difficult to source handmade being certain that the artisans were taken care of and not exploited for their work. I couldn't find any information from the first few brands I considered...and that wasn't sitting right with me. 🤔

In some cases the artisan was the owner and I knew they were doing excellent work and taking care of their sourcing and designing themselves (sourcing recycled materials and production themselves). But I could rarely find a group that made 'handmade' in an obviously safe way...knowing I didn't want to resell just to resell, but to support better business practices, I started to look at ethical and sustainable options. Naturally the fair trade principles adopted by these new-found brands - caring for the workers, caring for the environment, choosing sustainable options, paying a living wage, and ensuring safe working conditions - inspired me to source and curate exclusively from brands that had these values. And Lore and Lotus was born. 

Conscious Business is the way of the future. It raises everyone in the business to a higher standard of living. It supports the environments they are in. Its the way to change our world for the better. 

- Jackie 

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