May Birthstone - Emerald

Hello, May! It's finally the beginning of Summer!

May's Birthstone is

Emerald – “The Successful Love Stone”

Bring Love & Calm

Affectionately known as the “Stone of Successful Love", and the "Poet's Gemstone”, the deep green Emerald carries a rich history. Spanning over 4,000 years to Babylon, the “cradle of civilization”, Emerald was a favorite gem of poets and artists, thought to inspire the Arts. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, loved them and was known to drape herself in Emerald jewels.

In ancient times, the emerald was the sacred stone of the Roman goddess of love, Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks). As a symbol of the fertile love goddess, Emerald was thought to preserve and grow love and has been considered a symbol of hope. For many cultures, the green gem was considered a stone of prophecy, said to bring the wearer reason, wisdom and emotional growth.

Green, by nature, encourages growth, reflection, peace and balance. The shade also represents healing and fertility. In fact, green is considered one of the most calming of all the colors in nature. As is the way in mythology, the Emerald’s green powers are thought to be the strongest in spring (the most prevalent time for fertility in nature). And though it is strongest in spring, it is also most powerful during the full moon, especially the first full moon of Spring. “May showers bring April flowers” is a popular saying that could have derived from Emerald’s being the symbol for ‘fertilizing rain’ in several cultures. These beliefs may also be why it is the May (the month of Spring’s) birthstone.

In the beginning of Christian faith, gleaming Emerald was the symbol of steadfast faith and hope, often worn in rings, or talismans by devout followers. For some cultures, the emerald can act as a healing agent for a troubled mind and to increase the wearer’s inner reflection. Emeralds vibrate with love, and are used by healers to help heal the heart, and is the color used to align the heart chakra, allowing feelings of love to low freely. As such, Emerald is a stone of great harmony, wisdom, growth, fertility, and love.

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