January Birthstone - Garnet

Happy January!

January's Birthstone is

Garnet – “The Health Stone”

Bring Health & Passion for the New Year

The name Garnet is derived from the Latin term Granatum, for the stones striking resemblance to the Pomegranate seeds. The deep and vibrant Red color of the garnet energizes and motivates ‘getting things done’, making it the perfect stone for the first month of the New Year.

Legends and folklore of dozens of the world’s most ancient cultures place garnet in high regard as a talisman for Health, Passion, Energy, Security and Safety. Garnet was used by Aztecs, Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks, to name a few for healing and protection, and even to bring success.  In addition to its use as a protective and motivating talisman, the garnet is sometimes referred to as the “the stone of health”. Garnet is renowned for its physical and emotional healing properties, in curing depression, blood related issues, and a mind-boggling variety of additional ailments, in addition to its uses for balancing and purifying negative energy. It is used to enhance the positive energy of many chakra’s including the Throat, Heart, and Root Chakras.

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