Conscious Consumerism: An Intro Series - Part 4 Slow Fashion Solutions

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Today, we present to you:

Conscious Consumerism, Part 4 – Slow & Sustainable Fashion Solutions

by Guest Blogger, Melody Duarte


In the last blog Jackie talked about how fast fashion is turning our earth into a wasteland (that of course among the many other pollutant and waste contributors).

Today I want to talk to you about some fun sustainable solutions to this problem. 

First question to think about is: 


  1. How much clothes do I actually need? 

That question is a tough one. The fashion industry has 52 seasons! Where most people think there is just fall, winter, spring, and summer, the fashion industry has disillusioned us into thinking there is a need for fashion to fit all of these made up micro seasons. 

So again I ask, how much clothes do you really need? If you were to look in your closet right now how much clothes would you actually decide you need? What would you throw out?


That brings me to my next question. 

  1. What do you do with the clothes you get rid of? 

Sure donating it to your local goodwill or salvation army seems like a good idea. Have you ever thought about what happens to it after they decide the clothes cannot be resold? 


Here's a visual: 

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So let’s get to the fun part. SOLUTIONS!

Here’s an excerpt from

  • Host a Clothing Swap: Get your neighbors, coworkers, and friends to bring over clothes they’re no longer interested in wearing and do a “swap.” This helps extends the life-cycle of the clothing (and it’s fun). We're actually hosting one tonight with friends! 
  • Shop Smart: When you do go shopping, start at consignment and thrift stores before buying new. Find ethical and sustainable brands to support new wardrobes.
  • Tailor to Your Style: Focus less on what’s trending or what’s on discount. Take the time to figure out your own personal style and find clothes you’ll love to wear again and again.
  • Rent, Reuse, Recycle: More and more brands are moving to clothing subscriptions so you can rent new clothes rather than purchase. This allows you to change up your style without adding to the landfill.
  • Quality over Quantity: Downsize your wardrobe, and be sure to donate or sell the items you no longer need! Having a minimalist closet can help you focus on buying less and choosing well-made and longer-lasting clothes.


When is the last time you gave clothes to your friend? How many clothing swaps have you gone to? When is the last time you bought used clothes from Plato’s  Closet or any other consignment store?

As a community we all need to be working to eliminate the waste that just keeps piling up. There are so many great community leaders that are hosting swaps and clothing trades to get people on board with reusing clothes instead of sending them off to other countries to deal with. 

I encourage you today to look at your closet. Think about what you have. Think about what you actually need to get through the week. Start encouraging your friends to borrow stuff (yep I said it, let your friends borrow stuff!) Let’s bring community back by coming together to share with each other. 

If you want to host a clothing swap and do not know where to start please email or We would love to help you be sustainable in any way. 


Melody Duarte 

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