April Birthstone - Diamond

Hello, April!

April's Birthstone is

Diamond – “The Invincibility Stone”

Bring Love & Loyalty

Historically, ancient tales, myths, and legends wind around the eternal April birthstone, the infamous Diamond. As one of the world’s most valuable and ancient stones, although not nearly as rare as commonly believed, the Diamond - “King of Gems”, The Invincibility Stone, and the Forever Stone - is a crystal of Light; flashing prisms of brilliant color and spirituality in our lives.

There is no doubt the various cultures of the world valued diamonds throughout history; in most histories, the magical properties of diamonds were prevalent. Throughout time, there have been many ancient theories about the creation of Diamonds – some historical texts say lightning bolts formed diamonds, while other ancient cultural texts suggest that diamonds are the tears of gods. Ancient Sanskrit texts from the 400 B.C., give testament to the extraordinary value and significance of diamonds.

In the late 1400’s the very first diamond engagement ring ever recorded was commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. Naturally, this sparked a trend for European aristocracy and nobility to present diamond rings to their intendeds. The Diamond aka “The Forever Stone” was expertly marketed in 1947, when De Beers launched it as the ultimate fidelity stone with the classic “A Diamond is Forever” slogan. As a result, even today, Diamond is frequently used in engagement rings for a symbol of unending love, innocence and constancy.

Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning “invincible”, hence the “stone of invincibility”. Part of this mystique comes from the belief that diamond is (nearly) indestructible, and it is one of the hardest natural substances on the Earth. Composed of pure carbon, Created under high pressure and at high temperature deep within the Earth, Diamond is made up of the foundational element of life, and as such, its powers of light reflection and dispersion are the best among gems, making it “King of Gems”.

The ancients believed that diamonds could cure illnesses. Even today, the Diamond is thought to have extraordinary healing powers, and is frequently used to supplement and enhance healing energies of other stones. On its own or in combination with other healing stones, Diamonds are conductors and amplifiers of energy, for benefits such as mental clarity, balance, and prosperity.

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