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November 1, 2019

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Hello November! November Birthstones are Citrine & Topaz – The “Success Stone(s)” BRING Success & Prosperity Confused throughout history – for their interchangeable golden hues – Citrine and Golden Topaz possessed the same powers, including the abilities to manifest abundance, prosperity, success and personal power. As such, Citrine has many properties in common with Topaz, […]

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November Birthstone – Citrine & Topaz


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Hello September! Autumn is almost here. September’s Birthstone is Sapphire – “The Celestial Stone” Bring Brilliance & Blessings Sapphire is a stone that is dear to my heart. Not only is one of my favorite gemstones for its incredibly rich blue color, it has such an incredible history and symbolism. It is the birthstone of […]


September Birthstone – Sapphire


Hello, August! August’s Birthstone is Peridot – “The Extreme Stone” Bring Kindness and Adventure!   PERIDOT Throughout history, Peridot has come to have many names and accolades, among them “The Extreme Stone,” “The Tears of Pele”, and “Gem of the Sun”. Peridot is a sacred stone to many ancient cultures and peoples, considered a positive […]

August Birthstone – Peridot


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