Lore & Lotus is all about the story. 

rebirth, renewal, and changes to come, the lotus represents a new chapter in life 

Stories, Folklore, a passing down of tradition through oral AND WRITTEN means

The Meaning in the Message

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Your possessions should reflect your beauty and empower their creators.
Quality of goods should be parallel to the quality of life for its artisans.
Sustainability is always in style.

Our beliefs 


Lore and Lotus seeks to curate sustainable global artifacts made from the hands of artisans. We support and educate on the significance of the tradition/craft, while supporting the environment and earth with sustainable practices. 

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OUR Mission

From the hands of artisans to your heart and home, Lore and Lotus curates an artisanal collection of handmade jewelry, home decor, and global artifacts. Every piece has a story. Ethical and Sustainable is our way of life, our products are sourced with this in mind whenever possible, because we believe in happy endings.

This is our Lore

"I just want in my own little way, to make the world a better place."

- Founder, Jackie

Small island girl, Founder Jackie, is an artist, designer, and marketing specialist, who comes from a long line of creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. With her multi-national Dutch & American family, Jackie grew up on the beautiful "friendly island" of St. Maarten/St. Martin, in the Caribbean. Influenced by centuries of accumulated cultures on  St. Martin - often called the "melting pot" - Jackie developed a love for stories, cultures and lore. Her life on the beach and her artistic background deeply contributed to her love of nature, art and all things handmade.

In her adult life, Jackie developed an even greater appreciation and passion for beautiful, handmade artifacts that weave stories across cultures. And an even stronger love of nature, the sea and the beaches of the world. 

Lately, living her 'good life' in South Florida, Jackie underwent a period of new consciousness. Armed with her love of art and the sea, she has wholly embraced conscious business standards, slow-fashion and small-batch production, and insists upon sustainable and ethical practices. She aims to preserve traditional arts and to enrich the lives of those who dedicate themselves to creating the wonders which decorate our lives. Every single piece in the Lore and Lotus shop was handpicked by her discerning eye to bring love into your home and wardrobe. 

Jacquelyn "Jackie" Brink

Meet Our Founder: 

Meet Our Founder:
JACQuelyn Brink
(But you can call me Jackie)

I built my businesses because I love people and handmade! In the beginning, I found incredible handmade items, but I found it was difficult to source handmade being certain that the artisans were taken care of and not exploited for their work. I couldn't find any information from the first few brands I considered...and that wasn't sitting right with me. 🤔

In some cases the artisan was the owner and I knew they were doing excellent work and taking care of their sourcing and designing themselves (sourcing recycled materials and production themselves). But I could rarely find a group that made 'handmade' in an obviously safe way...knowing I didn't want to resell just to resell, but to support better business practices, I started to look at ethical and sustainable options. Naturally the fair trade principles adopted by these other brands- caring for the workers, caring for the environment, choosing sustainable options, paying a living wage, and ensuring safe working conditions - inspired me to source and curate exclusively from brands that had these values. And Lore and Lotus was born. 

Conscious Business is the way of the future. It raises everyone in the business to a higher standard of living. It supports the environments they are in. Its the way to change our world for the better. 

- Jackie 

Learn more about our Conscious Business Standards here: Sustainability & Ethics 

Note  from our founder