Recycled Brass. Handmade Jewelry . Made in Cambodia

Found sparkling in the dim light of the twisting, colorful alleyways of Siem Reap's famous, bustling Night Market, these stunning handmade brass earrings stand out. The market, over-saturated in "Silks" and Papercrafts, means finding a unique little stall of handcrafted jewelry among the stalls is a bit of challenge.

These intricate, tribal brass earrings are handcrafted from recycled bullet casings by the Hamsa Foundation in Cambodia. The Hamsa Foundation invests their profits in the education of Cambodian students, by selling traditional Cambodian handicrafts, like Silk and recycled bullet jewelry. As such, this assortment of brass jewelry can only be found in a few stalls at the Night Market, and at the local museum (at a rather high mark-up, or so we've been told), and here, on Lore & Lotus online. Each piece in the shop was handpicked by Jackie, the shop owner, in small batches. Only a few remain.