Process and Guidelines

Product Submission:

Lore & Lotus offers a curated mix of one-of-a-kind, predominately handmade global products created by innovative designers and artisans. We are always looking for new vendors, designers, and artisans to provide our shop with authentic, handmade artifacts. If you are an artisan or vendor, and you think your products are a good fit for our shop’s aesthetics, and are interested in submitting items for possible sale in our Shop, please review the following guidelines, policies and procedures. Then, please submit your product below.

Lore & Lotus is about revitalizing tradition and sharing the story. 

- Jewelry
- Accessories
- Art
- Decor
- Homewares & Goods
- Kitchenwares

Handmade /  High-Quality;

Handy list of what we look for: 

Show us what You Got!

We are a for-profit retailer. Revenue potential and profit margins of your submission will be thoroughly evaluated to determine its ability to earn income for Lore and Lotus and our charity affiliations.

Sales Potential – 

When reviewing products, our existing product mix, current market trends, customer demand, and aesthetics are all taken into account to make a decision.

Product Assortment Needs – 

We accept craft work in jewelry, textiles, wood, ceramic/clay, glass, metal, and crystal forms. Acceptable forms of non-craft items include home décor, fine design objects, kitchenware, fashion accessories, art, and prints. Certain books will also be considered. We do not currently curate clothing.

Product Mediums – 

Lore and Lotus seeks to sell high quality merchandise created and/or designed by artisans both locally/domestically and internationally. Items crafted in Florida, especially in the Miami Beach area, and items crafted in the Netherlands, are given priority consideration. Items must reflect the Lore and Lotus mission, generally through handmade, fair trade and/or sustainable practices.

Product Requirements –

From the hands of our artisans to your heart and home, Lore and Lotus curates a collection of whimsical art, jewelry, homewares, and one-of-a-kind artifacts, handmade or reclaimed. Every piece has a story and makes an incredible journey to decorate your life in fantasy and magic. Our products are derived ethically and sustainably, whenever possible, because we believe in happy endings.

Mission –

Mission, Product Requirements & Selection Criteria 

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If you’re ready to submit your product, please do so by filling out the form.

We will review your application and website and get back to you with our verdict as soon as we can! Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. We hope to work with you soon. 

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Lore and Lotus!

If you have any Questions, you can email me at

We will absolutely contact you if there is any interest. 

In order for us to properly process and review all product submissions, we kindly ask that all follow the guidelines below and meet the minimum requirements outlined above. Items are very carefully and thoroughly vetted for their quality, ethical standing, price, and appropriateness to our stores as outlined above.

Please do not send samples unless specifically requested, as we cannot always ensure they will be returned.

How to Submit 

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