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Congratulations! You've just purchased - or probably already own several - stunning piece(s) of handmade jewelry in Brass, Silver, Gold, or another precious metal. It's sparkly and lovely, but how to maintain that luster? As a jewelry lover, chances are you have run into the unavoidable tarnishing at least once, and have researched different ways of keeping your gems shiny and new. And if not, we've done the work for you - to keep your new treasure sparkly and safe, here's some tips to help you:

Organic stones in their natural state, include imperfections and inclusions. These add their beauty and character, so enjoy them and don't worry about 'fixing' it.

To keep your jewelry tarnish free longer, do not get your jewelry wet (remove it to shower or swim) and apply perfume, hairspray, or lotions before you put your jewelry on. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before putting your gems on.

To clean crystals, stone, and brass jewelry, the best method is 1 drop of dish-washing soap diluted in 1 cup of warm water.  Rub on the solution very gently onto gems with a soft towel or brush, and then rinse with cool water. In order to keep brass from getting water marks, make sure you pat dry  your jewelry with lint-free or micro-fiber cloth immediately after washing. 

Gems & Crystals can break, so please use restraint when handling your gems and avoid dropping them! All other use should be fine. 

Use silver polishing cloth to clean bright silver. 


The Earth is our home. We believe that sustainability should be at the core of every business. With that in mind, Lore & Lotus incorporates sustainability into every aspect of the business as possible - from using edible/biodegradable plasticware, packaging and more, to recycling, and selecting vendors and designers with a similar mindset - we are attempting to do our part for the the future. Simple swaps make the difference. What would be the point of being successful in business if we couldn't implement best practices and move toward a healthier, more sustainable world?

How are we making a sustainable and earth-friendly business?
Your home deserves unique pieces with a story, soul, and a purpose. Our goal is to  establish direct, and sustainable relationships with our artisans and our sources/buyers, to provide you with the best, well-made, ethically produced products at the most reasonable price-points.
In addition to the relationships we develop with our artisans and sources, Lore & Lotus wants to integrate as much sustainability into our business model as possible. As such, we use recyclable materials and packaging whenever possible, we recycle our packaging, and support charities and organizations that are working to fix the Earth we live on and support those less fortunate, occasionally including our source artisans.  Most importantly, we believe in the rights of all humans to lead fulfilling lives, and that artisans, producers, and makers deserve to have a living wage and exchange for their services/products.

We are in the process of getting our Certification, but in the meantime, we hope to work with and support Fair Trade shops, artisans, and producers.

About Fair Trade: "
From poverty to climate change to struggles with health and safety, people all over the world face incredible challenges simply trying to earn a living. To compete in today’s market, businesses drive down prices at the expense of those most vulnerable: farmers, workers, and fishermen. This simply can’t go on. Shopping Fair Trade means taking a stand for a system that treats everyone with respect."

Learn more about Fair Trade here: fairtradecertified.org


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