A collection of handcrafted accessories, preserving  indigenous culture and traditions of our artisans with contemporary design & aesthetic.

Casa Amarosa is dedicated to crafting products inspired by the world, for the world. Their products embody a modern bohemian style using woven textures brought out by artisan handlooms in northern India.

Casa Amarosa, values transparency, ethical production, healthy workspaces and above all empowering communities by supporting woman employees and small enterprises across India. All their beautiful products are developed keeping in mind this socially conscious business model.c


Casa Amarosa

Each piece in the collection is handmade by a skilled artisan from India, from delicately handwoven textiles, and finished off with a complimentary tassle and zipper. 

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More Colors





Socco Designs, although headquartered in Vancouver, BC, showcases the harmonious fusion of Moroccan Craftsmanship and contemporary design. Socco Designs specializes in manufacturing and importing the finest Moroccan furniture & home decor accessories, directly from their artisans in Morocco. 

At the center of their brand and philosophy are human relationships. Socco Designs work directly with their assorted creative and passionate Moroccan designers and artisans to master  ancestral practices in a modern way. Their mission is "to promote the diversity of the Moroccan culture through their craftsmanship."


Socco Designs

Each piece in our collection is handpicked by Founder Jackie, made from handwoven organic Palm strands and sustainable leather, handcrafted by Moroccan artisans. 

Hiptipico is an ethical fashion brand based in Panajachel, Guatemala showcasing Maya artisans and their handmade creations. Every Hiptipico item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials.

Handcrafted from the traditional textile treasures from Maya villages all around Guatemala, handwoven by the local Mayan weaver women. These incredible handmade from start to finish bags are a collection of magic. Bold textile print comes from re-purposed traditional "Huipil", indigineous clothes hand-woven by the indigenous local Maya women. Instead of throwing out these beautiful clothes, our artisan supplier gives them a second life as a one-of-a-kind hand bag!

The supplier consciously sources their leather from providers that have sustainable practices and view leather as a byproduct of the meat industry, preventing future waste, and utilizing all parts of the animal.  



Each piece in our collection is part of Hiptipico's Zero Waste collection, made from recycled textiles and sustainable leather, handcrafted by local artisans.