Lore & Lotus is all about sharing the story. 

rebirth, renewal, and changes to come, the lotus represents a new chapter in life 

Stories, Folklore, a passing down of tradition through oral AND WRITTEN means

The Meaning in the Message

From the hands of our artisans to your heart and home, Lore and Lotus curates an artisanal collection of handmade jewelry, home decor, and global artifacts. Every piece has a story and makes an incredible journey to decorate your life in fantasy and magic. Ethical and Sustainable is our way of life, our products are sourced with this in mind whenever possible, because we believe in happy endings.

This is our Lore

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Our beliefs 

Your possessions should reflect your beauty and empower their creators.
Quality of goods should be parallel to the quality of life for its artisans.
Sustainability is always in style.

Jackie comes from a family of creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. Growing up in St. Maarten/St. Martin, she was influenced by centuries of accumulated cultures, and adventuring around the globe. Through her travels, Jackie developed an appreciation for beautiful artifacts that weave stories across cultures. With heightened awareness, she has embraced slow-fashion and insists upon sustainable practices, to preserve traditional arts and to enrich the lives of those who dedicate themselves to creating the wonders which decorate our lives. 

small island girl with Big Dreams